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50 First Movie Dates

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June 2, 2009

Hey you,

There’s a new Star Trek movie out. I hear Captain Kirk does the doozy with a hot green alien chick in it. What more do we need?

But you’re not convinced.

“What’s Star Trek?”

“Well, it’s based on this 70’s TV series with Federation Starfleets and warp drive and ooh! the Vulcan nerve pinch and they made a number of movies before this too…”

“Sounds like I’d need to know what happened before.”

“It does help, I suppose…”


“… But it’s not necessary, I assure you.”


“Basically it’s just an action film. With lots of EXPLOSIONS. And HOT ACTION, if you know what I mean.”


“C’mon, baby, it’d be a fun date movie. When’s the last time we gotta go on a movie date?” (Commence sad puppy dog eyes.)

“Oh, all right then. If it has lots of explosions.” (Obviously bought the sad puppy dog eyes routine. Again.)

Every movie we watch is a new one. Let’s have 50 first movie dates and then watch 50 more. Let’s watch the whole galaxy of films and then watch them geeky director’s cuts together. Promise me that. I’ll always buy you popcorn and I’ll always clumsily spill some onto your lap, if only to pretend to swipe them away as I hunt in the dark to grab your hand in mine. I love your jumping in your seat and pulling me close (we should watch more horror flicks) and how I can look into your eyes staring at the screen like a newborn child seeing something for the first time and I am that child too, looking at you.

I’ve changed my mind, after our movie date tonight. Forget about Kirk and his emerald extraterrestrial. Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura’s much hotter together, you can see that. It’s in their eyes, just like it’s in yours and mine.

Yours always and always,

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