Letters by Kenny Mah

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“a happy glass of champagne”

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October 30, 2013

Hey you,

It’s not a ploy, this Mr Nice Guy business, but it can’t be entirely true either. Most days, especially those hours spent behind the wheel, I can’t help but feel I’m surrounded by twats and terrible people. Perhaps I’m one of them too. Probably, really.

The measure isn’t who we are or who we feel we are though, but rather who we want to be and work on becoming. It’s okay to be a dick if you try your daily best not to be one. (I don’t mean you’re a dick; I meant me, possibly. Anyway, you get what I mean.)

The idea? Be not a bitter brew of beer, but a happy, bubbly glass of champagne. Be joyful. Celebrate. There is, if we open up and observe, lots to fill us with good cheer.

(Or maybe it’s a ploy after all and you have fallen for my Mr Nice Guy schtick. Lucky me.)

Yours always and always,

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