Letters by Kenny Mah

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A little prayer

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October 18, 2013

Hey you,

I give thanks for the life that I have today. I am grateful to have the full use of my limbs, the ability to speak and to listen. I enjoy touch and touching; taste wonderfully flavours; smell beautiful aromas; and yes, to see so much and understand some. (Not as much as I could, but enough. Better than none is not a bad mantra.)

I give thanks for food on the table and the roof above my head (and all our neighbours next door, above, below — thank you for being considerate and noisy at odd hours of day). I’m blessed to have a good job, a great boss, and to make enough to pay the bills. I travel. I love travelling.

I am healthy and so are you, the love of my life. We get to travel. We love travelling. We get to spend time together. What a blessing.

I give thanks for us and our life together.

Yours always and always,

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