Letters by Kenny Mah

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Anywhere is here

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July 5, 2013

Hey you,

Sometimes the path between point A and point B when we are on a vacation is a series of transfers, different modes of transport, unexpected delays and bad weather.

The journey takes longer yet offers an opportunity for deeper contemplation.

Train after train, we
keep moving on. Flight delayed.
We curse, groan, accept.

I leave my bags with you and walk to the vending machine. Trying to avoid more sugar than necessary, I choose the safe option of natural mineral water. Coins clink into slot; a bottle is spat out.

I return to where I left you. A further ten-minutes delay, you announce. No matter, I say, Tokyo will still be there when we get there. Right now we are here, and that’s we are meant to be.

Yours always and always,

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