Letters by Kenny Mah

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Bottled green tea, hot

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June 28, 2013

Hey you,

It’s eight in the morning at Narita International Airport, Tokyo. We’ve just arrived, waiting now for our next flight to Shin-chitose. Sapporo, here we come. Hokkaido, here we come. Lavender farms and milky chocolates, here we come.

But first, a couple of hours of lounging on green pleather benches. Snippets of greetings in Japanese between co-workers. I buy you a bottle of green tea; here we have a hot/cold option, even from vending machines.

Bottled green tea, hot
from a bright vending machine.
Hums. Warmth while waiting.

How we love Japan. How blessed we are to be back.

Sip slowly, my love. Let every moment be a silent revelation.

Yours always and always,

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