Letters by Kenny Mah

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I’m not here

• • •

October 21, 2008

Hey you,

When here I am no longer, will you dance at parties still or will you merely linger, waiting for more time to kill? We cook for two now, used to be for one. After, you read your books and I read mine. Do these pages tell of the day we’re done, and what does it say on that last line? Dream-walking through this slow summer, asleep beneath our single breath; each heartbeat drums a love letter: “May we never part until death.”

Why worry about Forever? We will always have, my dear, the best of our lives together, till comes the day I’m not here.

When time comes for me to pass, I want to move on wrapped in your arms; let the last touch be yours, the last smell your familiar scent, the last sound your tender voice, the last sight your loving face and the last taste your kiss upon my lips. I will fade one day but may that day be very, very far away. Our life together has been my greatest happiness. There is no corner of my heart that you have not brightened. You are everything, my love, my everything.


Yours always and always,

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