Letters by Kenny Mah

• • •

“It’s like you’re my mirror”

• • •

October 2, 2015

Hey you,

“Look,” you say, “my eye bags — they’re almost all gone. So smooth now.”

It’s not due to any fancy new cosmetic products; your face is getting rounder and I tell you so. You smack me, then return to checking out your fabulous visage, now sans dark circles.

“Don’t care,” you say, “they are smoother now.”

“They are,” I agree, trying to mollify you. “Unlike mine. Like a panda.”

“Where got?” you say.

“Got,” I insist.

You smile back at me in the mirror. Our heads move closer, we lean into each other. When we are both smiling, all dark circles disappear. There’s nothing more beautiful than what’s staring back at me.

Yours always and always,

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