Letters by Kenny Mah

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October 31, 2013

Hey you,

‘Tis the season…

A wide, gaping smile. Maniacal eyes. A head made from produce. (Its rotting brain innards? Compost soon.)

Bats shrieking, kids screaming. ‘Trick or treat?’ This is a trick question mayhaps. We have no treats, no candy. Only bone-white fingers and tails from dead rats.

Folks dressed up as ghouls. More the fools. They do not believe in ghosts, only free-flowing alcohol from their generous hosts.

All Hallow’s Eve. Is this what they believe?

Then again, no reason not to party. Halloween, Diwali, a trip up north for pad thai and massaman curry — let’s celebrate.

Just no damn pumpkins, please. Okay, baby?

Yours always and always,

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