Letters by Kenny Mah

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Making adjustments

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July 31, 2017

Hey you,

Nasi lemak is always a guilty pleasure for us, especially when the coconut milk rice infused with aromatic pandan is accompanied by a just-fried chicken thigh, garnished with bits of its batter, oh such addictive morsels of spiced fritters.

We’d discuss how the sambal might be just a tad too sweet or how the yolk in the hard-boiled egg is overcooked (observe the tell-tale grey, sulphuric ring), but honestly that’s just reaching. We both know we love this.

Perfect or not, there must be adjustments, naturally.

You love fried groundnuts while I loathe them so I scoop mine from my plate to yours. The rice is too sinful so I receive a third of yours – ecstatically, might I mention.

We make adjustments, and we are happier for it. Such is marriage, as you might say, and life.

Yours always and always,

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