Letters by Kenny Mah

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July 9, 2013

Hey you,

We have our rituals. Each time we visit Japan, we would return to this small bakery-cafe in the Ikebukuro train station. 

We go early in the morning, when the pastries are just out of the oven and bleary commuters queue with their breakfast on a tray.

Happiness is a warm bun; in your case, a warm mentaiko-and-egg bun. There is delight in every bite of mildly-spiced cod roe baked with nuggets of soft-boiled egg. The bread is chewy, barely salty, a perfect receptacle for this morning manna.

Happiness must be
a mentaiko-and-egg bun,
oven-warm, first bite.

The look of bliss on your face means we’ll return to this bakery every day we remain in Tokyo. Your joy envelops me, and this ritual is happiness for me too.

Yours always and always,

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