Letters by Kenny Mah

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Song for a pair of songbirds

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August 18, 2008

Hey you,

You lie in bed, worn out from your fight
“Rest and recover,” say I, “from your plight.”
You barely understand a single word
The dreams and shapes come and go with the lights
This is a fever maze, where angels fear to tread
In this, your quiet daze, have mine grace instead
“Sleep, dream no more, have your respite.”
I will always care for you.

The days and nights, they come and go
The angels sing yet they hang their heads down low
You circle and twist and the sheets are chains
Inescapable, some sort of unfastened pain
No more words, only fight.
With your beloved by your side.
These are quiet days when grace seems dead
I will always hold you close.

I kiss you even as the moon loses her light
The night claims, and darkness spreads then dissipates
Grace that waits, grace sent from Heaven
Angels have no words, only this song for a pair of songbirds.
Dawn breaks, it’s morning again, you open
Your eyes and I am the first song you hear
The consonant cries, “My dear, dear, dear…”
I will always love you, you know, you know…

Yours always and always,

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