Letters by Kenny Mah

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“This day will not come around again.”

• • •

September 1, 2015

Hey you,

Every evening, after dinner and showering together, we cuddle up on the sofa and watch an episode of Supernatural. Sometimes two episodes, if it’s the weekend and we don’t go out in the evening. (We generally don’t.) The adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester and their stick-up-his-ass-but-strangely-adorable angel pet.

Half the time you are covering your eyes with one of the cushions. I ask you how can you see what’s going on like that, and you tell me a peek every few seconds works just fine. I take advantage of your happy terror to lean in and smell your hair ever so often too. You smell so good.

These evenings may not come around again, but right now, they are so good.

Yours always and always,

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