Letters by Kenny Mah

• • •

When we wake…

• • •

August 2, 2008

Hey you,

There are some soft shells here scattered like silences across the fields, where the daisies are afraid of being trod upon. There is no wind, only the memory of one, and so we know, this is a dream, of course. A dream we share, a dream of us. A private space we inhabit, one we cannot possess when we are awake. We are not together, don’t mean we cannot be together. We keep telling ourselves this. It’s a mantra, it’s a reminder, it’s a prayer. It’s our hope. One day, we tell each other, one day things will change and we’ll get our chance. There will be no cages, no traces, no colors, no others. One day we’ll be together, just as we are, in this dream of ours. You can tell yourselves these things, when you are dreaming. But when we wake…

Who will wake up first, we wonder?

Yours always and always,

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