Letters by Kenny Mah

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“Who we were isn’t lost before we were us”

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February 2, 2016

Hey you,

These days it’s sometimes hard to remember a time before we were together. Yesterday, we were watching a movie with our friends. They brought a friend of theirs along, and she told me in passing, “I remember seeing you in the gym a few years ago.”

Time was I used to work out at the gym daily. You used to head home to JB every weekend, play mahjong with your friends. We hardly do this anymore.

These days we drink coffee at our favourite cafés in town, and when we travel, we make it a point to hunt down new cafés wherever we go. On weekends, I cook a meal from scratch — usually breakfast — and you’d photograph every step of the process. For a whole week before we’d pour over recipes online and in cookbooks, arguing over the merits of adding gula Melaka or fish sauce to a salad dressing.

This is what we do now.

Another friend told me this recently, “You’ve not really changed, you know. You’re still the same, just happier.”

Who we are may not change but we may, together, become more.

Yours always and always,

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