Letters by Kenny Mah

• • •

“When we were young”

• • •

November 4, 2016

Hey you,

Today your Scrabble buddy shared an old picture of the three of us on Facebook. You were smiling, as was she. I appeared somewhat drunk. This was five years ago.

You tell me how young we looked, back then, how handsome. I tell you we still look good; we’re just five years older. What matters is that we got older together, that those five years – no, almost nine years now — were filled with days both mundane and mythic.

Whether we are crossing continents or stuck in the usual Friday traffic, every day with is an adventure. So we have a few more wrinkles, a little more fat. These are sigils of the memories we have shared . . . and will continue to share, if we are blessed.

May there be more wrinkles, then, more fat. More years together.

More adventures. More looking back at old pictures of us young and drunk, and looking at them, and each other, with love.

Yours always and always,

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