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October 31, 2018

Hey you,

It’s Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve or when everyone plays dress up. Sort of like spooky cosplay before cosplay was even a thing. Or role play without the doctor’s and nurse’s uniforms (or those too, with enough blood splatter, I guess.)

For us, it’s just Wednesday. Another working day. We don’t need to dress up to give each other a scare, to stir up a thrill. What could be more thrilling than to have someone to talk to, to discuss mundane problems and travel logistics, to plan for the future and wonder if retirement is ever a thing, to see life together not as merely a commitment nor a convenience but a celebration of “just when you think this is as good as it gets, it gets even better.”

It’s Halloween. It’s just another day. And just another day is always a blessing.

Yours, always and always.

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