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September 11, 2018

Hey you,

We all want to feel safe and sound.

Is that why you will check the locks on the door once, twice, every time we leave our home? You worry that the key didn’t turn fully or that we forgot to lock it in the first place. I just assume that we did.

Is that why you switch on the lights when it gets dark, leaving them on even after we’ve left the room or in rooms that we don’t use? I prefer to walk in the darkness (there’s a reason, but that’s another story) so I walk after you, turning every stray light off. I make not a sound as I undo your handiwork.

Maybe I trust in locks too much. Maybe I’d rather not waste electricity. Truth is, I feel safe and sound, locks or no locks, lights or no lights. There is no security that makes more sense than simply being with you, my love.

Yours, always and always.

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