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January 18, 2019

Hey you,

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. English couples would offer each other fruits and flowers, the Americans linen and silk. It’s traditional, apparently.

Would you like a tray of white strawberries from Japan, entirely in season and impossibly expensive? Perhaps a bouquet of lavender and wisteria, your favourite blooms in their pale blues and passionate violets?

Or would you prefer a linen tablecloth, to drape over our long teak table, to provide texture for your food photography? A silken scarf that will look good caressing your shoulders, if impractical for the cold, wintry climes we escape to during our travels?

Or maybe, just maybe, you’d rather have my company today, our fourth wedding anniversary. You’ve enjoyed it, endured it, for over a decade already so I might be mistaken. However, if you feel as I do, then a hundred years would feel like a single day – far too brief – and greedily, I can’t help but want more.

Let’s have more, my baby. Today is but a day, yes, oh but what a day! What a life we have, you and me, in me and you.

Yours, always and always.

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