Letters by Kenny Mah

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November 15, 2017

Hey you,

Usually I will meditate using nothing but a timer to let me know when to stop. (Oh but do we ever stop? Every moment is a meditation, after all, if we pay attention…) The ending bell chimes and I slowly open my eyes.

But ever so often, my mind is more distracted than it normally is (which is saying a lot). Why struggle? There are always guided meditations. A good teacher’s voice is both soothing and arresting, commanding my attention, allowing me to focus on my breath more easily.

Or that’s the theory anyway.

I hear these words instead – “… return to your home base…let your breath be your anchor…” – and my ears perk up. My heart opens. I think of you. You, you are my home base. You are my anchor.

Who knows if this was a good meditation practice today? It sure feels good because my heart is so full of you, my love.

Yours always and always,

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